During my career I’ve been lucky to have taught very different topics, covering most of the Macroeconomics and Microeconomics of an undergraduate program in Economics. Nowadays I find myself teaching courses related to my current research agenda, such as, undergraduate Finance.


  • Corporate Finance
  • Industrial Organization
  • Contract Theory
  • Game Theory

Current Teaching

  • present2018

    270123 Bridging Mathematics (Ph.D. in Economics)

    [Instructor] This course covers critical mathematical knowledge that doctoral students must learn before going through the coursework: sets, functions, linear algebra, topology, differentials, static optimization, and probability theory.

Teaching History

  • 20192019

    1203 Finance (B.A. in Economics and Management)

    [TA] In this course we cover the time value of money, discounted cash flows and asset valuation, capital budgeting, risk and return, capital structure, and derivatives.

  • 20192019

    2179 Advanced Industrial Organization (M.Sc. in Economics)

    [Grader] In this course students are exposed to the core research articles on the main topics of modern industrial organization.

  • 20182013

    1112 Industrial Organization (B.A. in Economics)

    [TA] This course covers the basics of Industrial Organization as: market concentration, market power, introduction to game theory, the Cournot, Stackelberg, and Bertrand oligopoly models, collusion, barriers to entry, discriminatory pricing, among others.

  • 20182014

    1111 Advanced Microeconomics (B.A. in Economics)

    [TA] In these practical lessons we solve problems and explain concepts of general equilibrium with endowments, welfare, market failures, game theory, uncertainty, moral hazard, adverse selection, mechanism design, and auctions.

  • 20172014

    2400 Organization and Incentives (M.Sc. in Management)

    [Grading] Theory of Incentives applied to job design and firm structure.

  • 20142014

    2132 Economic Regulation (M.Sc. in Economics)

    [Grading] Theory of economic regulation of prices, access to markets, and access to essential infrastructures.

  • 20142013

    1103 Macroeconomics (B.A. in Economics)

    [TA] In these practical lectures we cover consumer theory, labor markets, IS-LM, open economies, the Solow model and its basic extensions, business cycles and the New Keynesian macroeconomics, and an introduction to dynamic inconsistency of the monetary policy.

  • 20102009

    ENECO 360 Macroeconomics II (B.Sc. in Economics)

    [TA] On this advanced course it is covered monetary and fiscal dynamic inconsistency, search and matching models for the labor market, runs in banks models, political economy problems (dynamic common pool, electoral expenditures, among others).

  • 20092009

    ENECO 160 Introduction to Macroeconomics (B.Sc. in Economics)

    [Head TA] In these practical classes we covered mainly IS-LM and all its derivatives plus the Solow Model.

  • 20092008

    ENECO 260 Macroeconomics I (B.Sc. in Economics)

    [Head TA] In these practical classes, we covered: Consumption, Investment, Growth, an Introduction to International Finance, Monetary and Fiscal Policy.