Research Summary

Currently my research mainly focuses on empirical corporate finance. I study how firms adjust and react to external shocks. I also find myself currently working on corporate finance theory and microeconomic theory projects.

In the recent past, I have worked in developing solutions for real-life problems applying Microeconomic Theory. It is in this part, for example, that I studied optimal bidding and developed software to assist in the analysis of how the auction environment affects the bidding strategy adopted by the bidders. I am convinced that incorporating the economic techniques on modeling situations into daily basis applications can make a big difference in the performance of individuals, institutions, and companies.


  • Corporate Finance Theory
  • Contract Theory
  • Industrial Organization
  • Auctions

Work in Progress

  • An Exact Solution to the Multiple-Bidder Pure Common Value First-Price Sealed Bid Auction with Gaussian Noise and Diffuse Prior (with Steffen Hoernig)

    An exact solution for the bidding function of a bidder facing multiple symmetric competitors in a first price sealed bid common value auction.

    We explicitly derive the Bayesian Nash equilibrium bids for the
    pure common value …rst price sealed bid auction for any number of
    bidders, with normally distributed noise and diffuse prior, and show
    that the equilibrium bidding function has constant shading.