Peer Reviewed Publications

Fagandini, P. (2021). Wealth and the principal–agent matching. Managerial and Decision Economics, 1– 14.

Working Papers

Fagandini, Paulo and Dierickx, Ingemar (2018), Bidding in First Price Sealed Bid Common Value Auctions: A Computational Approach. Available at SSRN: Octave Code

Adelino, Manuel and Fagandini, Paulo and Ferreira, Miguel Almeida and Queiro, Francisco (2019), How Do Firms Respond to Demand Shocks? Evidence from the European Sovereign Debt Crisis. CEPR Discussion Paper No. DP14640, Available at SSRN:

Permanent Working Papers

Fagandini, Paulo (2018), Hunting with Two Bullets: Moral Hazard with a Second Chance. FEUNL Working Paper Series No. 629, Available at SSRN:

Hoernig, Steffen and Fagandini, Paulo (2019), An exact Solution to the Multiple-Bidder Pure Common Value First-Price Sealed Bid Auction with Gaussian Noise and Diffuse Prior.